Airline Tickets

Our company has thoroughly thought about each service for you and does its best to ensure your comfort. So, with the help of our company's professional employees, you can book your flights in advance or get a ticket. 7/24 operating staff will assist you in making the most affordable price for you and building a carefully designed flight schedule. We will assist you in eliminating the difficulties involved in making more transit flights. In particular, it is important to note that you can easily get our flight tickets to any destination in the world. Choosing the course From us, writing routes and tickets for you, your budget, and your plans.


One of the problematic issues facing tourists while traveling beyond the borders of the country is the documentation and various procedures for visa clearance. There is no need to worry about this issue. This process will help you with a minimum of time loss, the end to a maximum of useful ends. In addition, according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On departure from the country, entry to the country and passports", the National Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan may establish a visa-free entry order based on a personal passport on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, pursuant to the proposal of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan . Accordingly, in accordance with bilateral intergovernmental agreements, the bilateral visa-free regime of citizens is applied on the principle of reciprocity between the countries listed in the following list: I GROUP. - Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the relevant foreign country with diplomatic or service passport (or official / private); - also family members traveling with them, but not having personal diplomatic or service (or official / special) passport - for spouse (s), sons / daughters (photo and name, surname, patronymic (with a valid diplomatic or service passport) with a visa-free travel regime. II group. - Citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan and relevant foreign nationals who have the right to international border crossing and any type of valid passport, including diplomatic, service (or official / private) or national passport; - Citizens who travel together with such persons, but do not have a valid passport, photographs and names of citizens, their names and patronymic, whose names are marked in their passport, - persons without citizenship who have the right to international border crossing, issued by the state authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan or relevant foreign nationals to persons without citizenship; - a temporary border document issued to return to a country where a person is a citizen or permanently residing in a short period of time after his / her passport is lost, stolen, useless, or expired, with a temporary border crossing document, a visa-free travel document for citizens and stateless persons countries. Such foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in the Republic of Azerbaijan without a visa and whose temporary stay in the country was extended for up to 90 (ninety) days should leave the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 30 (thirty) days after residing outside the Republic of Azerbaijan (except for cases when close relative confirms serious illness or death) may return to the Republic of Azerbaijan without re-entry visa.


One of the issues we are concerned about during our leisure activities is our insurence of our security, sudden illnesses, accidents. That's why you should not worry, because our company also makes your travel insurance during your stay outside of Azerbaijan. Your travel insurance is divided into 2 standard, including Premium. In general, the insurance cover includes: medical expenses insurance for accidents and sudden illnesses of citizens traveling beyond the boundaries of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1% of insurance coverage for each insurance event, death or personal disability due to personal accident (for each insured 20% of insurance amount) Luggage insurance during traveling abroad (1% of insurance amount for each insured) Insurance of travel (up to 5% of insurance amount for each insured) Insurance of air transport flight delay (120USD / EUR daily for each insured, unconditional waiting period 1 day) Foreign passport and transportation loss insurance (200 USD / EUR for each insured) NOTE: If there is a need for assistance, Before taking any action, the Insured person or his / her representative must make a call to the points mentioned in the insurance policy


Individual transfer - at this time, you are transported to the desired location individually in accordance with the model you choose. The car model can be selected by you depending on your location. As you travel to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, you can order the latest model of any car, but your choice may not be as extensive as you travel to Istanbul or Ankara.

Gift Cards

The best gift you can give to a man is, in particular, spent on leisure and entertainment and travel. Do not worry about what you will donate to your friends, loved ones and loved ones in the dearest days, and offer them gift cards from East Gate Travel. You give them a travel card of 100, 300, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 AZN, and the direction and date are chosen by cardholders approaching our office. Give your dear ones the rest and new impressions, because they deserve it.

Corporate Services

Everyone who is interested in the development of his business today knows that participation in trainings, seminars, forums and other events organized outside the country is one of the factors that contribute to the acceleration of this development and the contribution of the world to this process. When you participate in such events, of course, it is important to think about the company's interests, to achieve maximum results with minimal costs and time loss. But you no longer have to worry about it. Tell us your location and date of your event - our experienced staff will help you to optimize your travel time by choosing the right hotel for your time and saving your transportation costs. Trust us your business travels! We would be glad to see your company among many corporate clients.

Rent a Car

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